How come
somebody like you
is used to that,
I can’t help but
want to do
something about it.


“Have you been sitting there all day?” “Yeah.”

I feel so empty,
I feel so lonely,
nothing I can do.
I can’t touch things,
I can’t go anywhere,
I can’t even talk most of the time.
I see myself,
it’s such a sorry sight
and say sorry to me again.
My brother is my only friend
and he’s sleeping now.
I cannot read,
I can’t play video games,
I cannot watch most of the movies on the TV.
The only thing I could do now is use the internet
but there’s no connection now.
I’m so tired of living like this,
I can’t lean on the wall,
I can’t lean on anything.
So I just sit in a chair
and just stay there.
I see myself,
it’s such a waste
and say sorry to me again.
I feel so lost,
I feel so bored,
nothing I can do.
I cannot sleep
and when I do
there are these awful dreams
that pick on me and ruin my day
before it starts.


I was alone,
my aunt had asked me to buy a soda,
I went to a store that wasn’t the nearest.
When I saw her there
I was so overwhelmed by the happening.
My heart seemed to stop for a little bit.
Everything became so quiet
and I was hypnotized by her blue staring eyes.
When I headed back to my house
everything seemed to gradually recover its level of sound.
I wanted to get her into my life
and my life was a mess.